Our gatherings are an opportunity for our church family to come together to keep Jesus at the center of all we do. It is our joy and privilege to worship him, hear from him through his word, and to celebrate his work among us. We regularly partake of communion to remember the significance of his death on our behalf. They are also a way for our Missional Communities to stay connected with one another and to encourage one another in his kingdom work. At Kaleo, everyone is welcome. We dress casual, so come as you are. After our gatherings you will have the opportunity to meet with an elder, visit with our church family, get information about our other gatherings, and pray.


A typical Sunday worship service includes announcements, contemporary worship music, prayer, communion, and expository teaching. (Expository means that teaching aims to exposit, or explain and apply, the meaning of the Bible. The reason for this is that the Bible is God’s word, inspired, infallible, and profitable—all 66 books of it.)

Nursery and Children’s Church

Kids are a priority at Kaleo Church. Our greatest desire is to have our kids learn from their parents and their church family as we model what it looks like to live for Jesus. So at home and in community, it’s important that we teach them in the context of life and give them opportunities to serve others alongside us.

We support this discipleship of our kids with a dedicated children’s ministry on Sunday mornings immediately following the worship set. On Sunday mornings we have a ministry for birth through 6th grade.


We believe people typically will encounter Jesus, alive and present as King, when they encounter his people. The Missional Community is the context we would love to bring to those who need the love and care of God’s people.

Missional communities are spiritual families with the Spirit of Christ in their midst, sent out into the culture to join God in His mission to the ends of the earth, making disciples who make disciples. These smaller groups of Christ followers are bound together by intentional webs of relationships.

 As a family, they meet regularly to eat, learn, play, and pray together (basically live life together). They also support, mutually challenge, and encourage one another.

 As missionaries, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, they demonstrate tangibly and declare creatively the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are called to bless, help, advocate, serve, and love people without any strings attached.


 A Life Transformation Group is made up of two to three people, all of the same gender, who meet weekly for personal accountability in the areas of their spiritual growth and development.  The LTG accountability consists of three essential disciplines for personal spiritual growth - a steady diet of Scripture, confession of sin, and prayer for others who need Christ.